We at Magnus work to service clients’ needs to the maximum extent. Our primary goal is to pay attention to quality from the beginning; during this process, comfort, safety and reliability are the priorities. Our aim is to maintain and strengthen the confidence of our customers, by continually improving our products and operations.

Manufacturing procedures

Composite production

The composite parts of Magnus Aircraft are manufactured by vacuum bag aided manual lamination and vacuum injection; these technologies guarantee the excellent strength and high quality expected from composite materials.


The cutting of the steel alloys used in our products is performed by thermic cutting process (laser cutting), ensuring maximum precision; after cutting, the parts are accurately assembled in mounting/assembling devices of our own design. Due to the characteristics of the materials used, the final welding of the structures is typically performed by AWI (141 and TIG) procedures.

Building / Assembly

The manufactured units are assembled by our highly qualified and experienced professionals, fully observing the technological instructions.

Non-destructive material testing

The conformity of welded structures, composite parts and agglutination to quality standards is tested by various non-destructive material testing procedures.


Destructive material testing

Required destructive testing is also performed on the main load bearing units of aircrafts manufactured by Magnus Aircraft.

Inspection during production, final inspections

At certain points in the manufacturing processes at Magnus Aircraft, as well as at the end of the procedures, various inspections and measurements are performed.

Regulated procedures

The procedures in our enterprise, from procurement to storage and manufacturing to sales activities are regulated, which ensures that the manufactured products satisfy both customer expectations and the applicable regulations and laws to the maximum extent.

Inspection system


For manufacturing the Magnus airplanes, the highest quality composites and metals are used. The composite elements have made with using high strength carbon unidirectional reinforcements and fabrics, aeronautical certified epoxy resin and structural adhesives. For the high stiffness composite sandwich structures high quality honeycomb is used. The metal parts in the aircraft made of high strength alloyed steel and aeronautical quality alumina alloys.


According to its quality policies, Magnus Aircraft Zrt. strives to be able to meet customer expectations and satisfy the applicable requirements by continuous improvement.