Fusion UL

We designed the ultralight Fusion such a way that it could provide the user with a unique and exceptional flying experience. The Fusion UL is reliable, economic, comfortable, and affordable. This aircraft is a low-wing monoplane, its symmetrical wing profile provides it with superb aerobatic capabilities. The large control surfaces ensure advanced steerability. Due to its high-strength, carbon fibre and honeycomb structure enforced design, this aircraft can take a load between -2 and +4 G.

Technical information

Length: 6620 mm
Wing span: 8440 mm
Cabin width: 1170 mm
Kabin height: 1080 mm
Number of seats: 2
MTOW: LSA: 600 kg, UL: 472.5 kg
Fuel: 90 l (95 RON unleaded fuel)
Baggage room: 20 kg
Landing speed (with brakes released):UL: 35 kts, LSA: 45 kts
Take-off: 120-130 m
Landing: 150 – 200 m
Cross-wing landing: 20 kts
Distance: 800 – 1100 km
Fuel consumption: 16 – 21 l/hr
Load: +6 / -3 G
Va: 110-113 kts
Vhmax: 130 kts
Vne: 151 kts
Vcr: 116-122 kts
Maximum height: 3650 m

Basic equipment capability

Upholstered cabin, Seat Covers, Adjustable Pedals, 4-point seat belts - Gadringer
Compass, Airspeed, Variometer, Altimeter, Engine instruments (oil press, oil temp., manifold press, CHT, Tachometer, HOBS, Voltmeter), Flybox electronic flaps controller, Electrical Trim, 12V Electric System, DYNON Pitot/AOA System
Simple decoration
6" wheels, Differential Brakes, Castor type nose gear
JUNKERS Magnum Lightspeed Softpack Ballistic Recovery System
ROTAX 912 ULS 2 (100hp), UL Power 260ISA, Woodcomp SR200
DUC Inconel Flash 3 Blades
  • With the 95-lead unleaded petrol Rotax engine and the composite fuselage, the owner can utilize maintenance and energy in other locations. The consumption of Fusion is 16 to 21 liters, which takes average speeds of 200 km / h into 8-10 liter "100 kilometers".

  • Thanks to the built-in Ballistic Recovery System which is connected to the cabin at three points, saves the whole aircraft in case of an emergency. Due to this base equipment the risk of accidents is greatly reduced and the safety of the flight is increased. Thanks to its symmetrical wing profile, the machine provides a stable and dynamic flight experience. In addition to this, the machine, due to its structure, can easily withstand the load +6 / -3 G, which makes it possible to perform basic aerobatic exercises.

  • Thanks to its light structure, Fusion UL has a maximum range of up to 1200 km, takes off in only 120 meters, while the landing requires only 150 meters. Last but not least, thanks to the panoramic cabin strcture, the flight offers even more intense experience.