The Magnus-Siemens cooperation has given birth to the eFusion, the fully electric driven aircraft.

  • The eFusion is yet in development stage but will very soon become the world’s first electric driven light aircraft, setting a standard to the market.

  • As the design of the fuselage is almost identical to that of the Fusion 212, the features of the aircraft are also extremely similar.

  • Its aerobatic capabilities, ballistic recovery system, duplicate instrumentation, side-by-side seating arrangement, and panoramic cab-top make the eFusion perfect for educational purposes.

  • The electric drive is noticeable only by the lack of engine noise and its minimal running costs – the eFusion’s performance is similar to the Fusion 212’s.

  • Thanks to the built-in parachute system (ballistic recovery system) that connects to the fuselage at three points and protects the whole aircraft in case of emergency, the risk of unfortunate accidents is greatly reduced while the safety of a flight increased. Thanks to its symmetrical wing profile, the aircraft provides a stable and dynamic flight experience. In addition, the aircraft can easily withstand +6 / -3 G limit load due to its structure, which makes even the basic aerobatic manoeuvres possible.

  • The first eFusion has made its maiden flight in April 11, 2016. The aircraft has received the eFlight 2016 award at the 2016 Aero 2016 show, the largest and most prestigious aviation event in Europe, held annually at Friedrichschafen, Germany.